My name is Four. Yes, like the number.

Two things you should know about me; The first is that I am deeply suspicious of people in general. It is my nature to expect the worst of them. And the second is that I am unexpectedly good with computers.

I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest... Though I continually struggle with kindness.

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"You can tell me anything, you know. I am kinder than I seemed in training. I promise."
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[AU: Zombie Apocalypse||Aurora & Tobias]

It was dark outside; it’s been long enough. Tobias checked his watch. 8:17 PM. They attacked almost five hours ago. All the students and staff either fled or became zombies themselves. Their screams still echoed in his head. He wished he was able to help them, but couldn’t. His hands curled up into fists at the thought of his friends, taken and infected and him not doing anything about it. 

Tobias let out a sigh, his muscles beginning to cramp from staying in one place for so long—in the school cafeteria, behind the counter, back in the kitchen were everything was kept. He had his back pressed against the bottom cabinets, knives and other kitchen utensils located just above him if he needed to use them. 

He couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been long enough, and it’s been deadly quiet. Nothing will show up and he’s almost sure that he’s the only one left in the entire school building. Gripping his backpack strap tightly, he moved slightly to get up, but at the same time, he heard another noise that came from the other side of the kitchen. He froze in place, his eyes wide, straining to see who—or what—was there.

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    He made a face; if she couldn’t make that jump, she’ll die. And he didn’t want that to happen. The moaning got louder...
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    Aurora bit her lip as she looked up at the windows. She shrugged her shoulders lightly. “I-I’m not sure,” she said...